Thursday, 29 May 2014

Dodge Computer Problems and Really Simple and Efficient Solutions

Sometimes we have problems of the type slow speed, applications we cannot open, shortage of storage space, menus that look weird, and etc.

These problems may have really simple solutions. Sometimes you spend a few dozens of dollars and you solve them as if you were an expert and completely on your own, so that it is worth trying.

Sometimes you do not even need any money.

By order of complexity, you can do the following things to improve your IT personal space:

1) Empty your trash bin (if you have Windows, it is likely that the trash bin appears under the title Recycle Bin);

2) Embellish your work environment: Right click your mouse over an empty space of your screen (no open applications, no icons). If you have Windows, you should get a pop-up menu at this stage. The last item on this menu will be Personalize. Click on this one. Now you can change your desktop background and your account picture, for instance. That means that you can scan a picture of yours that you like, and put it there.

3) Fix registry errors: If you have a firewall, and we have already told you here that you must have one and you cannot rely on the MS firewall because it really does not work, you will probably have an option to tune-up your computer. Most do. If you use the scan function of that option, you will probably find and fix registry problems. Registry problems are like errors in Latex files: You really need to fix them.

4) Try a console command called /scannow: Open console with administrator powers and type sfc /SCANNOW if you have Windows. 

5) If you have MS Windows, they now have remote assistance and it is gratuitous if you are a registered user (you normally buy the OS with the computer and there is a serial number that comes with it. You can then register your version and that will allow you to enjoy this sort of prerogative).

6) Perhaps the most obvious thing to do always however would be running your anti-virus program because there is a large probability that you catch viruses these days.


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