Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Internet Browsers: The Importance of Independence

Knowing which browsers are independent and which are not does put you in advantage because aggressors exist everywhere on earth and it is very frequently the case that the State is the worst one.

Two browsers are independent if they return different lists for the same query.

Notice that the Internet is the most reliable tool in the world in terms of acquiring real time information.

With the digitalisation of our sources, it is also the most complete.

We know that we can locate documents by words that are present on their pages, say a book from Amazon that has got a few pages on display.

This is a terrific possibility, which we certainly did not have before we created The World Wide Web.

We will give you three independent browsers here for free and they are all fully available on the own Internet. You have to pay nothing to enjoy all that they have to offer.

(the most State-controlled one, with a main branch in the UK, England, therefore where they still have strong traces of Monarchy. They say however that their main branch is in the USA: Presidents, Google)

(the presidents are in the USA, Massachusetts: Presidents, Lycos)

(the presidents are in the USA, California: Presidents, Yahoo)

Notice that things may change from day to night without any previous warning, so that you must test the browsers when you want to use them if independence of those is important for you.

We here provide a snip shot of each one of them. The snips are from today (18/06/2014).




Not only these snips were taken on the same date, but we have used precisely the same terms, written exactly in the same way, in all three searches, and the results are all from the first page that appears after we hit enter.


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