Sunday, 1 June 2014

Someone Has Googled You And...

Hey, relax!!!

If that is your problem, then the own Google has come up with a solution.


1) Enter any gmail account of yours (yep, sure: You do the login and the password thing);

3) Now click on Me on the Web (it is a link and it is activated);

4) You will get a new website. You now click on the leftmost rectangle, on a button where you read Search now; and

5) You will probably get thousands of results. We ourselves got astonishing 50,100 (homonyms, people who share a few names with us, and etc.).

Suppose you do not like a few of the results you are seeing, like they are about your person but, for some reason, say it was what you used to think, you do not like them.

Guess what? Now you can ask Google to delete that result from their search engine.

Well, how do you do that?

You do not think we would be giving away that here, did you?

OK, OK, we are helpful. Yes, we will!

You should get it all done, all the links you have reported, as immediately as possible, even though Google simply says that they are trying to comply with the determinations of the European Data Protection Law.


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