Monday, 15 June 2015

Chrome Problem: Install Java when It Is Installed

You are, for instance, trying to play your beloved games on the Internet: The rectangle usually pops up with no trouble, but now you read Install Java or something similar on your screen. 

Before you try anything else, here it is a very simple thing to do: Visit chrome://flags/ and click the button Enable right below 

Enable NPAPI Mac, Windows
Enables the use of NPAPI plugins. 

and this is usually the 10th option.

Now, go to the bottom of this page, the chrome://flags/ page, and press relaunch now.

Try to run your pop-up rectangle once more and, this time, it should work. 

If you get a picture like the one you see below, then you will probably need to use another browser to run your application because the latest versions of the Google Chrome do not accept the npapi thing. Some people will advise you to add an extension called IE Tab to your Google, but you can simply use the own Internet Explorer instead. 


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