Tuesday, 9 June 2015

MS Word: How to Embed a .pdf in a MS Word Document? Some Issues

A really bad miss in the MS Word program: It does not allow us to insert the contents of the .pdf files into the document in an explicit manner. We do have some three embedding options, but none of them is this option, so that somebody could try to get a job with MS by proposing this addition and, obviously, telling them how to do it, basically.

For those who have doubts on how it is done, there is no better source than How To. You will then see that what MS Word does is actually attaching the .pdf file to the MS Word file, so that the person who receives the MS Word file can ALSO access the .pdf, but they will have to click on an icon or on a first page to do that. 

There are then three ways to embed a .pdf file in a MS Word file: link, icon or first page. In all three options, the .pdf file becomes an attachment to the MS Word file, and, as the video explains very well, all is lost if you convert your MS Word document into a .pdf file, that is, it is also not portable in terms of change of format, what, again, gives us the possibility of demanding that a job at MS be given to us based on us being able to offer them the actual how-to.

Nobody can say that on this blog we do not give people chances of becoming a proper member of the human society (with the minimum dignity that a proper job gives us), is it not? Now even ideas on how to live the American Dreams, those that appear in their movies (BIG)... .


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