Tuesday, 6 September 2016

E-mail Bombing

The signs you have been sent a bomb via e-mail are sometimes easy to identify: Look at this e-mail address. It says sihalli@hotmail.com, and the e-mail refers to my yahoo account, trmsorfiap@yahoo.com

First of all, were it an official e-mail, from yahoo, we would see it coming from @yahoo.com, is it not?

E-mails like this are very common, and can have several objectives: Some people confirm if your account is still active by sending you one of these. They can then keep on sending you marketing material, like for eternity, after you reply to one of these. Sometimes they come with attachments, and those attachments contain the file that is needed for them to intrude your computer, the back orifice thing. Sometimes they are just for fun, so that someone might be watching or something: You will get distressed, and a lot of e-mails that you need to keep inside of your box will be deleted with the marginal watching, and enjoying every second of your affliction. 

Objectives may vary, but it is still annoyance, attack, and injury that we don't want to get to us. Since this all started, end of 2001, I get tons of these bombs per month. Before it all started, only a few people used to send me bombs or what I call bombs, like things that bomb your day or something. One of those was again Lea Ricci Pinheiro, as I told Trevor in that end of 2001 (it was that annoying!). She used to send e-mails that were as funny as her jokes (I told one in Psychiatry, I reckon, the one about the disabled man), but I never had intimacy with her despite that being my sister, like she was always simply absolutely inconvenient, and inadequate in all she did, and does, including these more than fourteen years of atrocities against me, and God knows how many against the own mother, like all once more, this time infinitely worse crimes, all to be blamed on Judith Cook from Equity, VUT. I would tell her thousands of times to please not occupy my e-mail box with that sort of e-mail, but she never understood, never accepted, so that I was always in her little list of tortured people, basically. I could not stop her e-mails because it could be something important some day, say about my mother, and I also had to keep relating to her because since I am five I protect my mother against her. I actually got a call from my mother in 2001 that took me out of centre, since she claimed that Lea was trying to kill her or something. She was saying she had attacked her physically with the son in her home. I told her to call police, obviously, but she wouldn't. She made me lose my only life, perfect head, body, career, and all else for Lea because I could never call the police when I wanted out of respect for her, and, when I tried the Australian authorities to protect me against Lea, and a couple of other people, including Bradley Paul Neal, they actually served me on a plate to both for some reason. I told Trevor ALSO about my mum's call in that 2001, since those were things that really really distressed me. Things are complicated. Some people will send you e-mails that are nasty, just like this one, and they will be your relatives, like in the case I am describing, and you won't be able to simply stop their e-mails before they get to your box. The way out I haven't found myself, but if your hands still work, you can always delete those, is it not? Perhaps keep your letters where you asked them to kindly not send that sort of e-mail to you again somewhere safe. Also print a few occasionally. Some day, if you are not bugged in your body, you may be able to sue them, like your mother dies or something. That is when that annoyance will finally pay. As for these ones, people probably got your e-mail from a public list, like mine is with NAATI. They choose their victims randomly. Some people simply don't have what to do. Edson Isair de Souza, who was a hacker, was a miserable person, and therefore someone who used to spend several hours at home, unable to pay for outings, and perhaps too tired by the end of the day, having a sacrificed job, to go out, and meet others. Most of them would have the computer as their main distraction. Whilst I go, and use mine to learn things, to teach, to write, and publish, perhaps to try to make lifetime friends, partnerships, etc., they use it for evil. Why? Sometimes we don't pay attention to them but they would like us to do that. Sometimes they cannot progress in life, and they think that is the reason why we would not be their friends or partners, so that they believe that attacking our computer affairs we will slow down, and accept taking them. Don't be too upset with those who do it, for they are probably haunted by their friendship with the devil, and that is probably the worst one can get. Try to find solutions that save your space in the box of the provider, that save your mind, and resources, and that may lead to financial or legal compensation, and action. There is usually a button to denounce unwanted e-mails of the sort spam. The provider will learn, and that may bring some gain in the future, but nothing that really gets to you unless you are happy to simply some day have the provider putting those straight into the box called spam. It is definitely very annoying, and it may actually injure us quite a lot. Such a thing could easily be called bullying in a court of law.


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