Friday, 14 October 2016

What to Expect: Interviews and Google

I came across a network message about this guy, Pierre Gauthier, a guy who apparently started his own IT company quite a few years ago (18). He was recently subjected to a test with the company Google. He seems to have gotten furious, and it seems that he could be right in what he says most of the time. They told me that if we mention the source, we can copy the entire document. Since it is all very interesting, that is exactly what I decided to do. 

The only criticism that I think one would easily agree with, in what regards his answers, is that indices are not data: They are ways to find data. We do usually call that set of tokens of information metadata, since only what is part of the main file is considered data. You obviously do not lookup an index, you simply use it as a tool to get to what you want. Then there is one more: TCP/IP connections. The packets should be referred to in the language we use in IT. Hexadecimal is hardware language, but you are not really going to use that to fix or identify problems with connections. The examiner was right in these two at least in my humblest. You could use hexadecimal if you were fixing a problem that had to do exclusively with hardware. If the machines are working fine, which is obviously the case, you would use machine language or interface language, which was the choice of the examiner. Hexadecimal shows you know something, but not to the level the examiner needs you to know to address the problems he referred to, so that I totally agree with the examiner in both questions, I reckon. For Google, keeping their server on air should be of fundamental importance, so that that is indeed a key-question. These things one can learn on the job, as I keep on saying, and we should learn on the job at least sometimes, but if there are more candidates, then they can also choose one that already knows that. It is interesting that he mentions that he never applied for an interview with Google. I also think that people should prepare for exams, so that they need to know the program and have the time to prepare. It is all very interesting, like what moves human kind these days. I am here, facing extreme violation of human rights in First World Democracy because of a last world Country, which is also democracy, Brazil, for more than 14 years in a row, not to say even before I arrive, since every single crime and disloyalty I face in Australia has definitely been caused by a coward, bitchy, envious, and disloyal Brazilian, just to add to what those people from Paraguay wrote on their plate at the entrance of their Country (here lies a brave Paraguayan killed by three coward Brazilians or something similar), and what matters is his entrance exam for Google? Give me a break, quite sincerely. Save me! Please put a banner containing a witness' note in a TV show, real time transmission, live. Please DO save the animals. I am still told all the way through, not to be believed, that I am realistically terminated in this way because I loved sex with love and with first world white men, therefore with European descents like myself. Well, I loved way more my work, my career, and myself, especially my natural body, from 2001, but all is forgotten in the name of killing my sexual power, basically. He has a lot of value, it seems, but, on this instance, he may as well have sunk his feet in the jack fruit, as they say in Brazil. Shame. I thought I had found a twin soul. I would have given him 6 out of 10 instead of 4, which is what he claimed he got. That would increase his score, I suppose. As the man said, perhaps next time... . 

This is the call for his article: Yahoo

And this is his own text:

The source of his article is apparently his own writing. You can find this article on


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