Friday, 3 November 2017

The Blue Screen

After The Blue Whale Challenge, came the Blue Screen... I got this funny thing appearing in front of me: A blue rectangle saying Smart Screen could not whatever. After some quick research, I got to the conclusion that that was a setting from Internet Explorer, now called Microsoft Edge: Smartscreen Filter, a filter for websites. You turn that off and it won't bother you anymore (actual firewalls help instead of bothering...). 

Oh, well, upon trying to install Miktex, which only God knows seems to be the only foundational structure for all programs that help us write in Latex, like they could all come with their own Latex copy inside instead, I got the message that the directory was not empty or that they could not create the directory. It is just that, like tons of people, when I went after the supposed directory, with hidden folders exhibited and all, I found nothing. Best solution: You create the claimed directory where they say it already exists, and you then delete it. Believe it or not, it worked for me, perhaps for the second time. 


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