Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Items: Dash or Bullet?

If you are having the same problem I had today, which is that when you use \begin{itemize} you get a dash instead of a bullet for your \item, the solution is adding the following line to your preamble: 


You can actually use any symbol you like to mark the item. A quick and ad-hoc way is:


if you want to see * instead of the bullet, for instance, marking the start of the item. 

If you want to see a plus, then write 



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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Latex: Page Numbers

To insert page numbers in Latex, all you need to do is typing \pagestyle{plain} after your \begin{document}: You put this command wherever you want to start having page numbers. 

You can also decide to change the style of the numbers. If you do, then you can use \pagenumbering{style}

The sigmatoid style can be replaced with arabic, roman, Roman (uppercase roman numerals), alph (letters, lowercase), and Alph (uppercase). 

The information about style of page numbering was found on Page Latex


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Monday, 6 June 2016

Bibtex Entries: fields, classes, etc.

Bibtex sorts out one of the main doubts we usually have in terms of the Bibtex: What the fields that we can use in the description of an item are, what classes are allowed, etc. As far as I understand, Latex is a programming language, so that you could actually change all that if you wanted, and had studied Latex enough, but it is much nicer getting it all from the oven, after cooked, is it not? 

At the moment, I do believe what the mentioned source states, so that we should have: 

An article from a journal or magazine. Required fields: authortitlejournalyear. Optional fields: volumenumberpagesmonthnote.
 A book with an explicit publisher. Required fields: author or editortitlepublisheryear. Optional fields: volume or numberseriesaddresseditionmonthnote.
 A work that is printed and bound, but without a named publisher or sponsoring institution. Required field: title. Optional fields: authorhowpublishedaddressmonth,yearnote.
 The same as INPROCEEDINGS, included for Scribe compatibility.
A part of a book, which may be a chapter (or section or whatever) and/or a range of pages. Required fields: author or editortitlechapter and/or pagespublisher,year. Optional fields: volume or numberseriestypeaddresseditionmonthnote.
 A part of a book having its own title. Required fields: authortitlebooktitlepublisheryear. Optional fields: editorvolume or numberseriestype,chapterpagesaddresseditionmonthnote.
 An article in a conference proceedings. Required fields: authortitlebooktitleyear. Optional fields: editorvolume or numberseriespagesaddress,monthorganizationpublishernote.
Technical documentation. Required field: title. Optional fields: authororganizationaddresseditionmonthyearnote.
 A Master's thesis. Required fields: authortitleschoolyear. Optional fields: typeaddressmonthnote.
 Use this type when nothing else fits. Required fields: none. Optional fields: authortitlehowpublishedmonthyearnote.
 A PhD thesis. Required fields: authortitleschoolyear. Optional fields: typeaddressmonthnote.
 The proceedings of a conference. Required fields: titleyear. Optional fields: editorvolume or numberseriesaddressmonthorganizationpublishernote.
 A report published by a school or other institution, usually numbered within a series. Required fields: authortitleinstitutionyear. Optional fields: type,numberaddressmonthnote.
A document having an author and title, but not formally published. Required fields: authortitlenote. Optional fields: monthyear.


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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Chapter/Section Numbers in Latex: Format

The problem that I had today I had already had in the past, but, because I forgot the solution, I was here struggling another two hours or so. I was getting 0.0, for instance, as a chapter number. 

To get rid of complications, I used sections instead of chapters when building my pages, but I then wanted to use Table of Contents to get a nice index. 

That is how the problem appeared. The solution is quite easy, but it takes us a long time to get there on our own, is it not?

We just have to add this to the preamble: 


And we then  have to add this to the body: 



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