Sunday, 18 December 2016

Highlighting and MS Word: Can't Remove Highlighting

How do you get rid of colors that appear in your text? Suppose you have tried the painting tool, the highlighting tool, and all else, but nothing worked, so say you had the option to turn off highlighting off for some reason, say hacking, which is probably my case today. What else can you do to get rid of the annoying colour in the background? Here you have the best of the solutions if you don't mind losing formatting. Basically, click CTRL + SPACE BAR to remove all formatting after selecting your chunk of text with the select tool/mouse.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Where do All the Movies Go in Windows?

I used an application (called Camera) that comes with my MS Windows, and using it was easy, but, when I tried to retrieve the movie itself, it all became something like Mission Impossible.

I finally found the answer: Found!

Basically, they all go to the folder called Pictures, inside of the subfolder called Camera Roll. Just look there, and you will see them all, I promise you. 

The application is interesting because, different from the others, you do not need to save the movies after you record them, it suffices pressing the red button. In compensation... . 


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Friday, 14 October 2016

What to Expect: Interviews and Google

I came across a network message about this guy, Pierre Gauthier, a guy who apparently started his own IT company quite a few years ago (18). He was recently subjected to a test with the company Google. He seems to have gotten furious, and it seems that he could be right in what he says most of the time. They told me that if we mention the source, we can copy the entire document. Since it is all very interesting, that is exactly what I decided to do. 

The only criticism that I think one would easily agree with, in what regards his answers, is that indices are not data: They are ways to find data. We do usually call that set of tokens of information metadata, since only what is part of the main file is considered data. You obviously do not lookup an index, you simply use it as a tool to get to what you want. Then there is one more: TCP/IP connections. The packets should be referred to in the language we use in IT. Hexadecimal is hardware language, but you are not really going to use that to fix or identify problems with connections. The examiner was right in these two at least in my humblest. You could use hexadecimal if you were fixing a problem that had to do exclusively with hardware. If the machines are working fine, which is obviously the case, you would use machine language or interface language, which was the choice of the examiner. Hexadecimal shows you know something, but not to the level the examiner needs you to know to address the problems he referred to, so that I totally agree with the examiner in both questions, I reckon. For Google, keeping their server on air should be of fundamental importance, so that that is indeed a key-question. These things one can learn on the job, as I keep on saying, and we should learn on the job at least sometimes, but if there are more candidates, then they can also choose one that already knows that. It is interesting that he mentions that he never applied for an interview with Google. I also think that people should prepare for exams, so that they need to know the program and have the time to prepare. It is all very interesting, like what moves human kind these days. I am here, facing extreme violation of human rights in First World Democracy because of a last world Country, which is also democracy, Brazil, for more than 14 years in a row, not to say even before I arrive, since every single crime and disloyalty I face in Australia has definitely been caused by a coward, bitchy, envious, and disloyal Brazilian, just to add to what those people from Paraguay wrote on their plate at the entrance of their Country (here lies a brave Paraguayan killed by three coward Brazilians or something similar), and what matters is his entrance exam for Google? Give me a break, quite sincerely. Save me! Please put a banner containing a witness' note in a TV show, real time transmission, live. Please DO save the animals. I am still told all the way through, not to be believed, that I am realistically terminated in this way because I loved sex with love and with first world white men, therefore with European descents like myself. Well, I loved way more my work, my career, and myself, especially my natural body, from 2001, but all is forgotten in the name of killing my sexual power, basically. He has a lot of value, it seems, but, on this instance, he may as well have sunk his feet in the jack fruit, as they say in Brazil. Shame. I thought I had found a twin soul. I would have given him 6 out of 10 instead of 4, which is what he claimed he got. That would increase his score, I suppose. As the man said, perhaps next time... . 

This is the call for his article: Yahoo

And this is his own text:

The source of his article is apparently his own writing. You can find this article on


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Friday, 23 September 2016

Windows 10: Updates, Turn It Off, How

These guys rock: GPolicy

It is all a matter of unrestraining your Windows\SysWoW64 and your Windows\System32, believe it or not!

Oh, well, you also have to download and install Group Policy, so that you can use gpedit.msc, which then allows you to basically kill the disgraceful, and possibly harmful, definitely harmful in my case (had to reinstall the system several times for receiving bugs together with the updates), updates forever. Yes, we have beaten the MS bastards (I chatted with them, and they told me that it was impossible to turn off the option updates, so that, once more, realistically... . I know, I know what you will say: At least it is free to ask questions to MS. Yes, with that, we have to agree: It would definitely be worse if we had to pay for it)!


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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

MS Windows 10 and Updates

I just had to address a problem that happened to a MS client: They wanted to get rid of MS updates because they deeply believed that those were bringing problems to their computer systems each, and every, time. That is when I contacted MS, and they let me know that we cannot turn off updates in this version (MS Windows 10).

Well, MS was prosecuted in the past for issues like this, and it looks like we need to do that again: Australia has privacy laws in place. Our computers are ours, so that who has to decide on whether we get something or not is us, not them. I think they are once more working inside of illegality, and this person  has deep beliefs that they might even be being targeted by a certain class of people working at MS at this stage, given the so many problems that come associated with their updates, repeated instances. 

Whoever has the time, not sure about bucks, but it always ends up in the press, so that it must be at least good publicity, especially if it is an IT company that does that, please do it in the name of all of us, mortals. 


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From .JPG to .PDF

The best place ever: Free and perfect!


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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Can`t Run Chkdsk

I called MS, and all on this one, so listen to me: Don`t call them. They will even ask to enter your computer, but things are realistically quite simple if your problem is the same that I had: I was at the DOS terminal, and I typed the standard thing, so that I typed chkdsk/f/r. I got a mistake. I saw NFTS on my screen, and the computer saying that it could not run the command because it was locked. I then did not get the standard message, where we have an option to choose to run the command on reboot, and that is where I got worried. 

MS will tell you to do the unimaginable. Don`t try them if that is your problem. Simply realize that you are in the wrong drive. In my case, all I had to do was literally typing C:, and repeating the command, believe it or not. 

At that height, the MS guy had already convinced me to even format a USB with the NFTS option, believe it or not. 


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Windows 10 and Boot Issues

If your computer is freezing at the boot, and you are not succeeding in going beyond the troubleshooting screen, like you have tried all options there, and nothing works, you can try the freezers page here, and all those strategies, including chkdsk, and, if that still doesn't work, you will probably need to reinstall Windows 10. The good news is that MS became smarter on this version, as if it had been my suggestion, and you now do not need to format your disk again. The bad news is that you may end up losing all your files, and programs for simply forgetting to unplug your USB after it is reinstalled. I have just done that! Poor me!

To make a USB that you can use for that purpose, you go to the own MS, and get a program called Media Creation Tool: Media Creation

You will need a blank USB disk of at least 4 Gb. It will probably take you 30 minutes after you have downloaded, and installed the tool to get the USB ready for action.


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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

E-mail Bombing

The signs you have been sent a bomb via e-mail are sometimes easy to identify: Look at this e-mail address. It says, and the e-mail refers to my yahoo account,

First of all, were it an official e-mail, from yahoo, we would see it coming from, is it not?

E-mails like this are very common, and can have several objectives: Some people confirm if your account is still active by sending you one of these. They can then keep on sending you marketing material, like for eternity, after you reply to one of these. Sometimes they come with attachments, and those attachments contain the file that is needed for them to intrude your computer, the back orifice thing. Sometimes they are just for fun, so that someone might be watching or something: You will get distressed, and a lot of e-mails that you need to keep inside of your box will be deleted with the marginal watching, and enjoying every second of your affliction. 

Objectives may vary, but it is still annoyance, attack, and injury that we don't want to get to us. Since this all started, end of 2001, I get tons of these bombs per month. Before it all started, only a few people used to send me bombs or what I call bombs, like things that bomb your day or something. One of those was again Lea Ricci Pinheiro, as I told Trevor in that end of 2001 (it was that annoying!). She used to send e-mails that were as funny as her jokes (I told one in Psychiatry, I reckon, the one about the disabled man), but I never had intimacy with her despite that being my sister, like she was always simply absolutely inconvenient, and inadequate in all she did, and does, including these more than fourteen years of atrocities against me, and God knows how many against the own mother, like all once more, this time infinitely worse crimes, all to be blamed on Judith Cook from Equity, VUT. I would tell her thousands of times to please not occupy my e-mail box with that sort of e-mail, but she never understood, never accepted, so that I was always in her little list of tortured people, basically. I could not stop her e-mails because it could be something important some day, say about my mother, and I also had to keep relating to her because since I am five I protect my mother against her. I actually got a call from my mother in 2001 that took me out of centre, since she claimed that Lea was trying to kill her or something. She was saying she had attacked her physically with the son in her home. I told her to call police, obviously, but she wouldn't. She made me lose my only life, perfect head, body, career, and all else for Lea because I could never call the police when I wanted out of respect for her, and, when I tried the Australian authorities to protect me against Lea, and a couple of other people, including Bradley Paul Neal, they actually served me on a plate to both for some reason. I told Trevor ALSO about my mum's call in that 2001, since those were things that really really distressed me. Things are complicated. Some people will send you e-mails that are nasty, just like this one, and they will be your relatives, like in the case I am describing, and you won't be able to simply stop their e-mails before they get to your box. The way out I haven't found myself, but if your hands still work, you can always delete those, is it not? Perhaps keep your letters where you asked them to kindly not send that sort of e-mail to you again somewhere safe. Also print a few occasionally. Some day, if you are not bugged in your body, you may be able to sue them, like your mother dies or something. That is when that annoyance will finally pay. As for these ones, people probably got your e-mail from a public list, like mine is with NAATI. They choose their victims randomly. Some people simply don't have what to do. Edson Isair de Souza, who was a hacker, was a miserable person, and therefore someone who used to spend several hours at home, unable to pay for outings, and perhaps too tired by the end of the day, having a sacrificed job, to go out, and meet others. Most of them would have the computer as their main distraction. Whilst I go, and use mine to learn things, to teach, to write, and publish, perhaps to try to make lifetime friends, partnerships, etc., they use it for evil. Why? Sometimes we don't pay attention to them but they would like us to do that. Sometimes they cannot progress in life, and they think that is the reason why we would not be their friends or partners, so that they believe that attacking our computer affairs we will slow down, and accept taking them. Don't be too upset with those who do it, for they are probably haunted by their friendship with the devil, and that is probably the worst one can get. Try to find solutions that save your space in the box of the provider, that save your mind, and resources, and that may lead to financial or legal compensation, and action. There is usually a button to denounce unwanted e-mails of the sort spam. The provider will learn, and that may bring some gain in the future, but nothing that really gets to you unless you are happy to simply some day have the provider putting those straight into the box called spam. It is definitely very annoying, and it may actually injure us quite a lot. Such a thing could easily be called bullying in a court of law.


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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Suppressing Page Numbers: MS Word

Basically, go to the page that precedes the page whose number you intend to suppress, choose the tab that says Page Layout, position your cursor in the end of the text of the page that precedes the page you want to change, make sure you are not inside of the footer, put the cursor over Breaks, and, as it expands, choose Next. Only that action should already solve your problem. If if doesn't, then you will probably succeed after watching this video: Video


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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Formula that Escapes the Intended Margins

Latex is a very flexible tool: You can actually reduce the size of entire formula in the middle of your paper quite easily. Most of us get into trouble with that because we forget that the commands to do that do not work in Math Mode. That simply means that we have to place them before the double or single dollar sign at the beginning of our formula and after the double or single dollar sign in the end. 

We have all these options available:


All we have to do is adding a {\ together with the option we want, so say {\small in front of our formula and } in the end of it (after the dollar signs in the end and before those in the beginning). 


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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Items: Dash or Bullet?

If you are having the same problem I had today, which is that when you use \begin{itemize} you get a dash instead of a bullet for your \item, the solution is adding the following line to your preamble: 


You can actually use any symbol you like to mark the item. A quick and ad-hoc way is:


if you want to see * instead of the bullet, for instance, marking the start of the item. 

If you want to see a plus, then write 



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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Latex: Page Numbers

To insert page numbers in Latex, all you need to do is typing \pagestyle{plain} after your \begin{document}: You put this command wherever you want to start having page numbers. 

You can also decide to change the style of the numbers. If you do, then you can use \pagenumbering{style}

The sigmatoid style can be replaced with arabic, roman, Roman (uppercase roman numerals), alph (letters, lowercase), and Alph (uppercase). 

The information about style of page numbering was found on Page Latex


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Monday, 6 June 2016

Bibtex Entries: fields, classes, etc.

Bibtex sorts out one of the main doubts we usually have in terms of the Bibtex: What the fields that we can use in the description of an item are, what classes are allowed, etc. As far as I understand, Latex is a programming language, so that you could actually change all that if you wanted, and had studied Latex enough, but it is much nicer getting it all from the oven, after cooked, is it not? 

At the moment, I do believe what the mentioned source states, so that we should have: 

An article from a journal or magazine. Required fields: authortitlejournalyear. Optional fields: volumenumberpagesmonthnote.
 A book with an explicit publisher. Required fields: author or editortitlepublisheryear. Optional fields: volume or numberseriesaddresseditionmonthnote.
 A work that is printed and bound, but without a named publisher or sponsoring institution. Required field: title. Optional fields: authorhowpublishedaddressmonth,yearnote.
 The same as INPROCEEDINGS, included for Scribe compatibility.
A part of a book, which may be a chapter (or section or whatever) and/or a range of pages. Required fields: author or editortitlechapter and/or pagespublisher,year. Optional fields: volume or numberseriestypeaddresseditionmonthnote.
 A part of a book having its own title. Required fields: authortitlebooktitlepublisheryear. Optional fields: editorvolume or numberseriestype,chapterpagesaddresseditionmonthnote.
 An article in a conference proceedings. Required fields: authortitlebooktitleyear. Optional fields: editorvolume or numberseriespagesaddress,monthorganizationpublishernote.
Technical documentation. Required field: title. Optional fields: authororganizationaddresseditionmonthyearnote.
 A Master's thesis. Required fields: authortitleschoolyear. Optional fields: typeaddressmonthnote.
 Use this type when nothing else fits. Required fields: none. Optional fields: authortitlehowpublishedmonthyearnote.
 A PhD thesis. Required fields: authortitleschoolyear. Optional fields: typeaddressmonthnote.
 The proceedings of a conference. Required fields: titleyear. Optional fields: editorvolume or numberseriesaddressmonthorganizationpublishernote.
 A report published by a school or other institution, usually numbered within a series. Required fields: authortitleinstitutionyear. Optional fields: type,numberaddressmonthnote.
A document having an author and title, but not formally published. Required fields: authortitlenote. Optional fields: monthyear.


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