Sunday, 6 October 2013

X or Y cartridge? - We wish we could ask ourselves this sort of question... .

On the 2nd of October of 2013, we were after a certain cartridge for a certain printer for the second time. The printer is called HPDESKJET 930c, but the cartridges that we should buy for it are HP 45 and HP 78 (black and other colours). 

The questions that occurred to us, as we went through all the other brands of cartridges, were:

1) Why do they not have an Epson 45 cartridge? Is it possible that they do?
2) This 45 has to do with shape, right? Why so many shapes? 
3) Why do they have to have one cartridge for color and another for black? That makes it all be so expensive!

These cartridges should cost at most AU$ 20 each, not mattering whether they are black or color. If there were competition, as with all other items of consumption, and Epson, for instance, also produced a 45 cartridge, then we would be paying what they deserve, that is, at most AU$ 20 per each, so that we should have competition in that area.

We asked the seller and the seller had only one possible answer: You have to buy the number that they say is the number for your printer and only that number will be suitable. We only have one brand for that number, which is the brand of your printer.

Looking for information on the Internet helped with nothing, since the websites look as if they have been written by people on high heights, basically: We were wondering about the numbers, the title refers to the numbers, yet their writing refers to letters!

In a rational world, the number would mean shape and dimensions, like each different number would give us a different geometric shape for the cartridge, and a geometric shape that has precisely certain dimensions. In a rational world, all ink cartridges manufacturers would sell all numbers, so that we would have the so healthy (for the consumers) competition. In a rational world, the government would not let the printer manufacturer change the shape of the cartridge without presenting a scientific reason to do that, since that would imply problems for the consumers in terms of supply and the appearance of what could be seen as illicit profit for the manufacturers. 

We check on the company Epson, for instance, and Epson does not have a 45. 

We check on the company Canon, and Canon does not have a 45.

However, for our shock, all three companies have a 45 in what comes to printers… . 

Epson has got an Epson Stylus c45, for instance ( The cartridge used with this one is called T038 ( however and is very different from the HP 45 in shape.

HP has got an R45 ( Interesting that, according to the same website, we could be using the HP 45 with this one.

Canon has got a Canon mp45 according to the website However, the website of the company refuses to believe such a model exists, … (

Oh, well, all in all, we should fight for our rights also in this area.

Let the knights assemble, and, please, to fight!

 Obs.: All the links have been visited on the 2nd of October of 2013.


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