Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Home Recipes to Save Computers

Sometimes we find problems in our computers that we cannot immediately diagnose or solve.

We found that, in those occasions, there is a sort of standard procedure that usually leads to success.

You can follow these steps in any order you want and, to save your resources, you should stop when the problem is solved.

  1. Run sfc/scannow from the command prompt;
  2. Run chkdsk/f/r from the command prompt;
  3. Run an antivirus program, then an anti-spyware program, then an anti-adware program, preferably all of them the best available, or run an anti-malware program, the best available, since this one should detect all previously mentioned problems (viruses, spying programs, and malign programs that come in the shape of uninvited ads);
  4. If the problem you are having is also with the Internet, then test the connection with the Internet provider first, so say use the command ping at the command prompt. You can ping any site you like, so say you ping Google, just because it has one of the strongest signals on the Internet, and you then type ping;
  5. If the ping returns general failure or timed out, there is a chance the problem is with your provider (not passing the signal to you), you must repeat the test a few times and perhaps test a few other sites, say yahoo (;
  6. If the ping returns 100% success, then it is likely to be a problem with the browser you are using, so that you must test different browsers and choose the best one available for you;
  7. You can also simply reinstall the browser, since there is malware that affects only the browser;
  8. If nothing works (1 to 7), then you should try to reinstall the operational system (last resource because nowadays you have to backup everything. In the past, you could simply reinstall, so that we could be reinstalling everything again with no fear. Nowadays, the OS installation may lead to losing all data previously stored in the machine).

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