Saturday, 22 August 2015

Chapter 1,000,000 th: The Unwanted Line on My MS Word Document

Have you ever had a line appearing in the middle of your MS Word document, a line that appeared as a ghost would: Not invited, and there, in principle, JUST TO TORMENT YOU?

I had that happening to me plenty of times. 

In all other times I started my document again, but this time I was too determined not to investigate this issue further. 

After some mining, I got to the following address: Lines MS.

This address was not good enough, for I did all that they say I should be doing, but the stubborn line was still there.

I then decided to dig further and found a video: MS, Line, Video.

The only possible reference I found on the web for this problem was this procedure, and a few people said it worked for them.

I then said to myself: It has to work for me!

Oh, well, if I had doubts after reading the text, like if I thought that perhaps I had misunderstood or something, the video settled it all: I had to use the borders button.

Oh, well, I simply insisted and repeated the procedure a few times. It finally worked and you can find a proof on this page that it did, so that you are now capable of addressing this LITTLE MS WORD issue yourself too.

Yes, do thank me. As a minimum thing, do our online courses.

Wow, what a drama! It all looks trivial now. See for yourself:


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