Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Adding Signatures to Your Electronic Letters

If you have a Google or a Yahoo account, it is really easy to add a small chunk of text to better tell others who you are, so say your titles, your address, your fax and telephone numbers. 

I have just done that in a professional way for the first time, like I had it once but it was more like a marketing token for a few of my products. Now I am telling others who I am and how they can contact me inside of those final lines of my electronic letters. 

It is all free and easy with both Google and Yahoo: All you have to do is right clicking (with your mouse) over the button that means settings, which is a button in the shape of a machine gear. You will then see a menu containing the option settings, which is the option you must choose. With Yahoo, you then click over Accounts and, after that, over the electronic address you have with Yahoo. With Google, you just scroll down up to Signature, when you will then choose adding one. After you clicked over your yahoo address with Yahoo, you have to scroll down up to Signature as well and then tick the box Append instead of Add (Google). Now, you can just type whatever you want to appear at the bottom of your every electronic letter: It is that easy!

You can have Positive Thinking messages there, if you want. You can have reassurance messages. You can even tell people when you will be away. It is a very useful resource that you can use for free and that can make an actual difference in the way you communicate with people, since, once you set it up, you will be able to communicate whatever is in your signature without having to think about it. If it is important, then it is a way of never forgetting to put the information in your letters. 

It is part of what is called Good Business Practice, I reckon. 


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