Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Embedding Movies in POWERPOINT Presentations

Ever had problems with it?

Today I faced the ultimate in these regards: I even had a .wmv, but THE THING would not cooperate. No, sir: It kept on telling me that the codecs whatever. 

Oh, well, Google comes, Google goes, and I found something of interest that came from the own Microsoft (yes, sometimes it works as it should! MS). Shame it did not work as they said it would, so that I went to the page they told me to visit, for third parties' CODECS, and downloaded absolutely everything that seemed to be even remotely related to my problem. I then installed everything, even something with the Communist flag on it, with no fear (what we should never do), and..., and...: Yes, that's right, FABULOUS OLD NOTHING!

I finally dug to the right side of the Google Universe and found a gem, which I should only tell you about in exchange for a few thousands, but, given my existential situation, going on for so long (more than fourteen years), I decided to give it away: All, second choice, XP Codec Pack, and, if your problems are of the same type, you should be just fine (the MS message was install codec or Apple product x). 

These guys have all codecs inside of this single batch file, so that you click install and it all works as if you had a Genie. 


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