Monday, 21 March 2016

Recording Computer Images for Classes

After a lot of experimentation, I found out that the best technique to record computer images is not using one of the commercial pieces of software that are currently on offer, but a digital camera, transferring it all to the computer, and then reformatting, if necessary. 

Today, I needed to satisfy the demands of Google and upload movies that respected their limits in terms of size, so that I had to grab the resulting recording from my digital camera and use Movie Maker to get the needed reduction. With the second movie, and I am talking about the blog post that precedes this one, I had to convert the image to e-mail format, what stole a bit from the item quality but kept it all inside of the limits in terms of size. 

I now consider the computer to simply be another world object, so that we can record what goes in it in the same way we record other things. The evolution of the techniques for building screens and machines now allow us to do this sort of thing. It gives a lot of work, and it is very hard to do it if we are on our own, but it is feasible, and you can see the good results on the previous post, inside of this same blog. 


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