Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Itunes and the Miracle of the Free Conversion

So, I had this musical file in .m4a shape. My computer was going crazy and there was no way programs would converse. They finally decided that .m4a was too advanced for them in an incredible programs insurgency. 

And now?

Google goes, Google comes, and I watch: Jee, it is going to cost me a lot if I want to be serious about this.

Finally, a friendly approach: Just use Itunes!

I had Itunes, I did not pay for it, and I converted it all in a way that all my programs became happy, and therefore in a way my computer became OK again. 

We change a setting only, but mine was already to what I wanted, and Itunes converts to .wav upon receiving the order to import music from somewhere. After that, all you have to do is right clicking on your musical item and choose Create WAV Version.

Wow, what a miracle in terms of simplification and costs!

I am thinking of putting a virtual basket here, so that you can tip me as you save money (one for each three bucks you save because of my hints?). 


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