Saturday, 10 September 2016

Can`t Run Chkdsk

I called MS, and all on this one, so listen to me: Don`t call them. They will even ask to enter your computer, but things are realistically quite simple if your problem is the same that I had: I was at the DOS terminal, and I typed the standard thing, so that I typed chkdsk/f/r. I got a mistake. I saw NFTS on my screen, and the computer saying that it could not run the command because it was locked. I then did not get the standard message, where we have an option to choose to run the command on reboot, and that is where I got worried. 

MS will tell you to do the unimaginable. Don`t try them if that is your problem. Simply realize that you are in the wrong drive. In my case, all I had to do was literally typing C:, and repeating the command, believe it or not. 

At that height, the MS guy had already convinced me to even format a USB with the NFTS option, believe it or not. 


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