Wednesday, 21 September 2016

MS Windows 10 and Updates

I just had to address a problem that happened to a MS client: They wanted to get rid of MS updates because they deeply believed that those were bringing problems to their computer systems each, and every, time. That is when I contacted MS, and they let me know that we cannot turn off updates in this version (MS Windows 10).

Well, MS was prosecuted in the past for issues like this, and it looks like we need to do that again: Australia has privacy laws in place. Our computers are ours, so that who has to decide on whether we get something or not is us, not them. I think they are once more working inside of illegality, and this person  has deep beliefs that they might even be being targeted by a certain class of people working at MS at this stage, given the so many problems that come associated with their updates, repeated instances. 

Whoever has the time, not sure about bucks, but it always ends up in the press, so that it must be at least good publicity, especially if it is an IT company that does that, please do it in the name of all of us, mortals. 


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