Friday, 23 September 2016

Windows 10: Updates, Turn It Off, How

These guys rock: GPolicy

It is all a matter of unrestraining your Windows\SysWoW64 and your Windows\System32, believe it or not!

Oh, well, you also have to download and install Group Policy, so that you can use gpedit.msc, which then allows you to basically kill the disgraceful, and possibly harmful, definitely harmful in my case (had to reinstall the system several times for receiving bugs together with the updates), updates forever. Yes, we have beaten the MS bastards (I chatted with them, and they told me that it was impossible to turn off the option updates, so that, once more, realistically... . I know, I know what you will say: At least it is free to ask questions to MS. Yes, with that, we have to agree: It would definitely be worse if we had to pay for it)!


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